divendres, 20 de novembre de 2015


Last Thursday 20th November all Marinada's secondary students went to see a theatre play in English in the big hall of our school.
The play was called Sweeney and it was performed by a company of English actors. Sweeney  is an adaptation of  the musical thriller Sweeney Todd. Sweeney Clod is a barber who went to prison for accidentally killing a man and he manages to escape from prison and come back to London to find his daughter. During the journey he meets Toni, who becomes his friend and will help him to find his daughter Johanna. The ending is very shocking because nearly everyone dies!
It was a very funny play, the actors made jokes and sang songs! This activity is a fantastic opportunity for students to practise their English and we are very lucky to have an English theatre company with native English actors in our school.
At the end, it was very special because the actors congratulated the audience for their attention and good behaviour.

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